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Preserve the Magic: Keep Carols in the Park Aglow with Your Support!


Please click on the donate button below to show your support.


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Join us in preserving a beloved tradition at Carols in the Park, hosted by the Churches of North Balwyn.


For years, this magical event has brought our community together under the starlit sky, offering free festivities for all to enjoy. Despite the unwavering support from our council and sponsors, the escalating cost of living poses a threat to the continuity of this cherished tradition. We're reaching out to our incredible community for help—your help.

Your generous donations, no matter the size, will ensure that Carols in the Park remains a beacon of joy, unity, and celebration. Let's come together to keep the magic alive. Visit our donation page today and be a part of preserving the heartwarming spirit of Carols in the Park for years to come.

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